About Us

Orkay Engineering Counselling Services Trade.Ltd.Co is having justified pride of taking firm steps forward by working attentive. Our company is able to provide service that surface preparation-cleaning and paint application of steel structures, concrete and stainless areas. We have established the knowledge, experience and satisfaction of our clients as of our essential principles.Our company includes quality certificates as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 beside qualified foreman and engineers who are certified by NACE, FROSİO, SSPC, IOSH. During the short period Orkay Engineering has grasped a chance to be able to cooperate both local and foreign prestigious companies by accurate obedience to safety rules and systemetic teamwork and come a long way to be reputable company. We are still performing on the reputable projects that are both on-going different cities of Turkey and foreign countries. We are strictly determined to grow up by predicating the human, the environment and quality on the doing. We are constantly at our duty to be able to provide better service to you...

*Improving the quality of the products and services constantly that we provide our clients and meeting their expectations. * To be able to attain the quality on the international standards and complete the projects on time. * Attaining to word class among the companies that are performing the Blasting-Painting Applications and following the state of the art technology. * Obtaining by preventing wastage the maximum quality beside minimum cost. * Having our personnel instructed, conscious and dynamic by educating them every time. * Providing the improvement and reformation constantly by conforming to quality, system standards of health and safety, its regulations and legislations is our quality policy.

We perform to be able to provide the optimal service by our dynamic and experienced site team on painting and blasting applications , engineers and foremen staff who possess the most reputable and competent certificates, solution oriented and well informed office staff. We have ability to become organised instantly to fulfil the your need. We are follower of all kinds of new technology due to being aware of the improvement that is endless process.

As Orkay Engineering we are fully aware that being ensured the health and safety of our personnel is prerequisite of quality and productiveness of our company. Our Policy that accomplishing the our services in the safest way as required by legislations and world standards, protection of the environment and minimizing all manner of environmental impacts that are caused by us during the production. Ensuring the safest workplace environment as much as possible by continuing trainings, permanent communications between our administration and personnel and solution oriented attitude is our undertaking as administration. Ensuring the occupational health and safety environment at our workplace is under the responsibility of everyone from over the administration rank to the beginner personnel.


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